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Julia Bricklin is an author and historian who likes to examine the lives of those who might be obscured by history, but whose actions have had a lasting impact on popular culture. Her recent book,The Notorious Life of Ned Buntline: A Tale of Murder, Betrayal, and the Creation of Buffalo Bill shines a light on E. Z. C. Judson, the murderous and prolific writer who bridged the literary gap between James Fenimore Cooper and Zane Grey.


A Tale of Murder, Betrayal and the Creation of Buffalo Bill

by Julia Bricklin

Edward Zane Carroll Judson aka Ned Buntline (1821–1886) was responsible for creating a highly romantic and often misleading image of the American West, albeit one that the masses found irresistible in the mid-to-late nineteenth century. Some scholars estimate that he wrote at least four hundred dime novels over his lifetime, and perhaps as many as six hundred.

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